With the “dual” benefits of condotel, the real estate market will definitely become even “hotter” in the coming months. This is also when investors need to make bold decisions about these “fruitful” properties.

While there are many “chickens laying golden eggs” in this age when stocks, gold and interest rates are showing signs of decrease, many investors are struggling or rushing to divert to other sectors with stronger profits. One choice of these smart investors is focusing on the property market that is showing positive improvements and ready to for a boom in 2016.

While the strong development of the economy in tourism, entertainment and leisure must be fulfilled the country’s real estate market has started talking about mixed projects. Condotel is the perfect match between a hotel and an apartment with comprehensive facilities such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and balcony.

A few years ago, condotel in Vietnam was only a concept considered by major corporations. Yet, after only a short while from 2015 until now, it has become the new buzzword of the 2016 real estate market.
With only a few searches, we can clearly see how strong the appeal of condotel is. With strong financial resources, many “big players” in the industry have grabbed this golden opportunity.

The most noteworthy projects include FLC Luxury Hotel Samson by FLC Group or Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay by Sun Group. They both are large-scale developments attracting a lot of interest on the domestic real estate market, confirming the sharp vision of industry “leaders.”

Super profits from Condotel while clients relax and enjoy

According to estimation, we have up to 15 holidays per year and this number has gone up to 22 days in 2016. With this many holidays, the demand for travel and relaxation has also increased significantly. Therefore, many investors have identified the positive side of investment in condotel.

With a relatively low initial investment cost, at only 88,000 USD per unit, the rate of profit can reach 8-10%/year for 10 years. From the 11th year, each developer will offer a different rate of profit sharing, but the overall profit will still be high. Besides, developers will have their own promotions for clients. In only 10 years, the buyers can get a return of their investment while retaining full ownership.

With many visible advantages, condotel is the new trend in the real estate market when the demand for leisure is increasing rapidly.

The extravagant FLC Luxury Hotel Samson and FLC Luxury Hotel Quynhon, with the most unique architecture in Vietnam, are the greatest pride of FLC Group. All condotel units are designed in a curved shape, with sea views and numerous 5-star amenities such as restaurants, swimming pools, 18-hole golf links …

Clients of FLC Luxury Hotel Samson and FLC Luxury Hotel Quynhon will be guaranteed a minimum profit of 10%/year for the first 3 years. After 3 years, the developer commits to a profit sharing rate of 70-30, with profit never lower than 10%/year until the 10th year. Starting from the 11th year, FLC continues to commit to operate and share profit at a 70-30 rate until the end of the project’s lifespan.